LKG – Class X


Centurion Public School strictly adheres and abides by the norms and conditions of CBSE and follows stress free education and no homework policy for classes I and II. Keeping in mind of their tender age and softness spoken approach, we avoid the traditional system and create a digital Classroom to activate our little kids by introducing joyous learnings and play way methods. In order to make meaningful and enjoyable learnings, our kids are privileged to have such system of Smart class and practice class work in the classroom under the able guidance of the concerned subject teachers. Then all the note books of students are collected and kept for correction followed by the revision of the lesson in the class.


All the students from classes III to VII usually get   homework of three subjects on the daily basis. To balance the load of homework, every class board has a table for assignment. And the concerned subject Teacher needs to mention on the board about the homework. Mostly subjects are altered and homework is assigned in every alternative day. However, teachers make sure by seeing the board that students are not to be assigned more than three subjects a day. In case one of the teachers feels the necessity of giving assignment on the consecutive day, then the concerned teacher may have to get the consent of the other teacher and assign his/her lesson. This system helps us in balancing homework and reduce the load of home task.

Innovative Committee